The Twelve Deeds of Christmas, #1 and #2

Last week, I completed the first two deeds of my Twelve Deeds of Christmas. 

#1 Donations to Standing Rock: I had read that the protesters at Standing Rock were looking to gear up for winter, and needed supplies such as coats, hats, scarves, etc. I have been a collector scarves for many years, and have grown bored of many of the scarves in my collection. I knew that I had at least a few I could donate. I went to Five Below and bought a couple of hats and some gloves to throw in the package as well. Batteries were on the Sacred Stoned Camp Amazon wishlist, and I had a spare pack, so I threw those in, too. I packed it all up and sent it out to North Dakota. Based on the way things are going out there, I might be sending another package to the Sacred Stones camp before my project is over.

#2: Canned food donations: There was a collection box at church for holiday meal donations for a local family. I had planned on dropping a couple of cans in there with one Sunday. Giant was having an excellent sale on canned vegetables- 39 cents a can! So I bought some for myself, and then twice as many cans to donate! 10 cans for less than $5! Last Sunday, I added my cans to the heaping food box. 


Presence vs. Presents

photo credit: jDevaun.Photography via photopin cc
photo credit: jDevaun.Photography via photopin cc

In a Walmart commercial I saw today, Anthony Anderson proudly exclaims, “the holiday season starts right now!”

It’s November 3rd.

And that’s not the only holiday commercial I’ve seen today. In the past hour, I’ve counted 5. The only reason I think the number was that low is because tomorrow is election day and the airwaves are being dominated by political pleas. (I won’t miss those, either.)

Earlier this afternoon, I went out to get a few things that I need for a trip I’m taking this week. The pharmacy was already decked out in red and green, and the Christmas cards were featured in a prominent display at the grocery store. My sister works in a department store, and she tells me that the tree went up in September.

It’s November 3rd. This just isn’t right.

Maybe it sounds like I don’t like the winter holidays, but that’s not true. I love them. I just prefer them to stay in December. The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year. To me, that illustrates a fundamental problem with society: we seem to have an inability to be in the present moment. We always have to sprint ahead to something else.

Why are we running? What are we running from?

Perhaps it is that the holiday festivities feel like a vacation from the norm.

So why are we living lives that we need to take breaks from? What if we could incorporate elements of rest into our daily or weekly lives?

We need to examine the way we live. If we are looking for calm, for relaxation, for peace of mind, we won’t find it somewhere out there in the future. But, we can have it now, if we allow ourselves a moment of pause.

Take some time to acknowledge and appreciate the fall. We still have a whole month of it left.

Love and light,