About Mary



I have worked as a board-certified music therapist in mental health for five years, all while dealing with my own challenges. I write about my own experiences with mental health because shame and stigma thrive in secrecy. Healing and acceptance lie in openness.

As a music therapist, I believe in one thing: that music gives life meaning. As I tell my story, I may also slip in some tips of how you can use music to enhance your mental health. I relate parts of my journey to songs, and I keep a running playlist of them for you to enjoy as you embark on yours. You may find that here. I suggest you check it out, and listen as you read!

Whether you struggle with your own mental health issues, or you know someone who does, I want you to know that you are not alone. This blog is a safe place. If you agree, I invite you to follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook, and tumblr, and to share its content with others that you think it may help.